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(25-09-2022) I'm back hehehehe. I was away for a long time, backpacking,living my best life, then I came back home and was sad for quite some time. Didn't feel like writing here or even watching movies, just wanted to go back outside into the world. University started again and I was miserable for the first week or so, I wanted to drop out and take a job at the local cinema, but I chickened out. Then everything started to get a bit better and I got happier. Running a lot and very fast. Random encounters with people I hadn't seen in a long time. Reading in the train with warm light coming through the window. I'm still full of uncertainty but I feel good.

I finished my first journal ever, all those self-improvement youtubers are right. self-reflection is good. Dropped instagram for tumblr. So lots of poetry and gay pics and theory. My birthday is coming up and I bought a piston converter for my Muji fountain pen and two Diamine inks. I love ink. I could buy every single bottle of ink in existence. But I also like to not buy stuff. So that will be all for a while. Also I made a button for the site which you can add to your page if you want (no pressure).

(06-07-2022) I finished my exams. I finished my fucking exams. I am the happiest person in the world. Free from this prison of my own choosing for a good two months. thank the lord for this. i really, really am glad this is over. feels like breathing for the first time in ten months. i did it. i did it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

for the past four days i have been away on vacation in the wonderful city of PORTO,portugal, where i have done all sorts of touristy things such as eating at centric, overpriced restaurants and going on guided tours where one stands in the middle of the road looking up in awe at some church or statue. I was so lucky as to run into the Porto Open House, a two day event which lets you into some of the city's most famous buildings, complete with free guided tours and talks by people in the architecture business. I visited the Piscina dos Marés, a filtered seawater swimming pool located amongst the rocks right by the ocean in Matosinhos. Created in the sixties by architect Álvaro Siza, it consists of two pools, and a small building which hosts the changing rooms and a bar. Built in concrete and dark pine wood, the whole structure sits a few metres below the promenade, becoming perfectly integrated with the environment (so much so, that I wasn't able to see it from afar, and only noticed it when I was almost at the door).

My visit was right at sunset, so I was able to catch some beautiful light. At the time it was closed, but you can go for a swim there every day during the summer months from 9:00 to 19:00. Definitely a place to check out if you ever visit Porto.

(Open House is a worldwide initiative, so there might be one in your city too!https://www.openhouseworldwide.org/)

Some other highlights from my stay in Porto:

yellow abandoned construction crane in the middle of an abandoned lot, surrounded by trees
pink pizza box which reads Mino's Pizzeria in turquoise letters
swimming pool at sunset,two blue figures stand in the middle of the picture

(29-06-2022) Today I watched Vestida de azul, "Dressed in Blue", a 1983 documentary by Antonio Gimenez-Rico depicting the lifes of six trans women in post-Franco Spain. During the regime, trans women and homosexuals were prosecuted under the "Ley de Vagos y Maleantes", which sometimes meant internment in forced labour camps. After Franco's death, the law remained, although it wasn't used. However, as most trans women were sex workers, they still faced heavy police repression.

This documentary talks about this, but also about childhood in a small town, being one of loads of children, about finding love, about hormones and surgery, about family and found family, about money and buying your own apartment, about being women or being "maricas". Speaking in first person, these ladies are given the opportunity to tell their life story. Each of them has a distinct voice, a distinct way to face circumstances.

The documentary feels very tender at parts, but there are also fun moments, and moments of anger. It was a beautiful watch depicting a part of LGBT history that shouldn't go unnoticed by younger generations.

(28-06-2022) Yesterday I found out about the coolest thing ever: oscilloscope music. Oscilloscopes display electrical signals as lines in a screen. Those electrical signals are produced by sensors that detect other stuff, such as sound,heat, or light. Oscilloscopes are usually employed to test other electrical tools, and they look pretty cool on their own. However, some very creative people have figured that you can create sound in a way so that it produces specific images when connected to an oscilloscope. There seems to be no limit to what can be displayed in the two-color oscilloscope screen, including 3D cubes, rotating Death Stars, monumental robots and ondulating mushrooms. It’s not all about the pictures, though, as the sounds are pure electronic, spasmodic-dancing-under-strobe-lights madness. Put it together and you’ve got quite the esperience. C.Allen and Jerobeam Fenderson are two notable musicians/tech guys creating oscilloscope music, and I fervently recommend you to check out their work.

Chris Allen- Youtube Channel Jerobeam Fenderson- Youtube Channel

(26-06-2022) Hello! Finally got around to creating the blog page. There won't be much activity now, as my life has turned into a boring grey sludge, but it felt right to have a blog in a personal webpage. I have also created a "watchlog" in the Movies section to log everything I watch, plus I'm working on the rest of the Bond reviews. I want to change the main page, but I don't know what to put there and my coding abilities are very much limited. Everytime I want to do something I'm like "how to place two images side by side with css" and "how to create a show more button" and "how to create a navigation bar".(w3schools my lord and saviour) I also wanted to add a guestbook, but the page I was using is giving me errors :/

I plan on adding a changelog, someday, and also a proper link page when I figure out what to do with the home page, and maybe something about what I'm reading. No about page though.