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26/12/2022 The Bridges of Madison County (Eastwood, 1995) I am sobbing. I love romantic movies. FOUR days, more than enough time.

17/12/2022 Uno Para Todos (Illundain, 2022) Kid with cancer is going back to class, but all of his classmates hate him because he was a bully. The substitute teacher from outside the community has to find a way to solve it, and maybe face his own personal demons? (Nice film. I just really like films about school, for some reason)

12/12/2022 The White Lotus S2 (2022)(TV) Fuck rich people and fuck rich people. Oh how I'm going to miss coming home on Mondays to this show.

10/12/2022 Argentina 1985 (Mitre, 2022) Good historical drama but it got nominated to the Oscars? Pretty sure there are plenty of better "foreign" films that came out this year.

08/12/2022 Million Dollar Baby (Eastwood, 2005) One of the few DVDs my parents owned growing up, somehow I still hadn't seen it. I quite liked it. I love love love boxing and Hillary Swank.

06/12/2022 The Virgin Suicides (Coppola, 2000) :( they do say it in the title

04/12/2022 The Graduate (Nichols, 1967) Not really a good idea to watch this if you are a university student worried about the (your) future. Luckily my parents have no hot friends. (A+ movie)

29/11/2022 Glass Onion (Johnson, 2022) Not as good as the first one but still a very fun time at the theater. Edward Norton plays a rich asshole which is the only role I can see him in now. Keep 'em coming lads.

--/11/2022 Billy Elliot (Daldry, 2000) Another comfort film. What can I say, it has dancing and class struggles.

--/11/2022 The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself (2022) (TV) Pretty good young adult fantasy Netflix show about a war between two factions of witches (and a boy who has the power to end it). More brutal than I would have expected.

--/11/2022 Blue is the Warmest Color (Kechiche, 2013) I will preface this by saying that Kechiche should be banned from ever directing a sex scene again. Some of them were good but most just felt like an extended cut of the worst mainstream lesbian porn videos you can find on the Internet. I could stomach badly choreographed sex scenes if it weren't for the fact that the actresses were very uncomfortable while filming them (as they usually are, because a lot of directors are creeps or fucking idiots when it comes to that regard). However, I will say that I very much enjoyed the rest of the film. I find its depiction of being a teenager coming to terms with your own sexuality very touching. The special kind of loneliness one can only feel at that age.

--/11/2022 God's Own Country (Lee, 2017) Rewatched for the 100th time. My comfort film, all the good things in the world.

--/11/2022 Enola Holmes 2 (Bradbeer, 2022) Entertaining.

--/11/2022 My Policeman (Grandage, 2022) ???? I didn't like this. First of all, the chronology is all over the place. If the main events of the film happen in the 50's, then the rest in the 90's, what the hell has been going on during those 40 years. The wife implies that the two guys haven't stopped seeing each other during that time, but if that's the case then why aren't they speaking? When did the big rift happen? Also the film focuses on telling the most boring story out of all that could have been told. 90% or so of the time is spent in the past, telling the most obvious forbidden love story that we have seen a hundred times; then skims over the interesting part ( how is a reppresed gay man going to take care of his old lover who has suffered a stroke, how will they rebuild their relationship, will they live openly now? The movie isn't bad at all, just really uninteresting.

--/11/2022 The Wonder (Lelio, 2022) I'm not thrilled about this. I found it mostly boring and repetitive and somehow not creepy enough. I don't really get how the opening scene relates to the rest of the film, felt like an unnecessary flourish.

--/11/2022 El secreto de sus ojos (Campanella, 2009) A great thriller, retired detective looking back on a case that was never really closed.

--/10/2022 Return to Howards End (Ivory, 1992) ahhhhh marriage what a beautiful thing

--/10/2022 Wet Sand (Naveriani, 2021) Another straight up banger. Small town bigotry, old man diner owner, we have always been here, etc.

--/10/2022 Heaven Reaches Down to Earth (Malebogo, 2020)

--/10/2022 Plata Quemada (Piñeyro, 2000) Be gay do crime. Pretty good love story between two bank robbers + third wheeler comedy relief guy.

--/10/2022 After Yang (Kogonada, 2021) THIS ONE. This one goes directly to my pantheon of great sci-fi movies. Re-remembering someone, through their own eyes. Where memory and love intersect, grief.

10/10/2022 Entretanto (Miguel Gomes, 1999) I??? I was once like this.

09/10/2022 The Ornithologist (Joao Pedro Rodrigues, 2016) Weird stuff. Erotic and chilling. Stop sticking your fingers in Jesus' wound, hell.

08/10/2022 Outside In (2017) Innocent man gets out of jail after 20 years. He has to learn to live outside. He falls in love. My kind of movie. Gloomy, feels like a cloudy day.

07/10/2022 Summer Vacation (Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit, 2012) Gay and good.

01/10/2022 Do Revenge (2022) People are praising this a lot but it's mediocre at best. Go watch American Pie or Superbad or Booksmart instead.

26/09/2022 The Bourne Identity Very good action movie. Now I'm going to pretend like there are no sequels (IDC if they are good or bad, I just don't need them)

24/09/2022 Step Up 2 (2008) For a period of my childhood I was obsessed with hip hop and breakdancing. This film took me right back to being 8 years old trying to windmill in my living room. Cool message of unity or whatever but the posh kids literally broke into a house but somehow they are the good ones? If you break into my house you are catching these fists too.

23/09/2022 An Odyssey- A Father, a Son, and an Epic- Daniel Mendelsohn (BOOK) (2017). A very impressive father-son relationship memoir/ literary criticism of the Odyssey by Daniel Mendelsohn. He does an amazing job intertwining the themes of one of the greatests works of literature ever with episodes of his and his father's lives.

20/09/2022 Full Monty (1997) For a way too long period of my life I thought this was by the Monty Python. The working class hero movie I didn't know I needed.

18/09/2022 Om (John Smith, 1996) ooooooooommmmmmmmmm

16/09/2022 The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973) Am i an intellectual yet?- blown away very visually pleasing (pleasing might not be the word) weird yet not so weird that my cinematographically and biblically illiterate self can't understand what's going on.

11/09/2022 I like life a lot (Kati Macskássy, 1977) Incredibly beautiful animated short film. Both the drawings and the narration are done by romani children, speaking about life in their town, going to school, their families, marginalisation. The animation is truly beautiful, sometimes the screen is full to the brim, depicting an entire town, sometimes colour takes over. Hard stuff.

10/09/2022 Le Scomunicate di San Valentino (Sergio Grieco, 1974) Really bad like really terrible bad. Made it through the first 40 minutes, I just wanted to watch Mubi's 3 nunsploitation films but it really wasn´t worth it.

10/09/2022 Visions of Ecstasy (Nigel Wingrove, 1989)- now THAT'S what i call nunsploitation (it's full on pornography ngl)( but good)(the urge to stick my fingers in Christ's wound)(i love some lesbianism).

5/09/2022 Matka Joanna od Aniołów (Mother Joan of the Angels) (Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1961) MUBI will call this nunsploitation when it's a painful film about demonic possession and desire and theology and self.

13/07/2022 The Lake House (2006). Does the time warp mailbox thing make sense? Absolutely not. Do I care? NO. I am in love with this movie, 10/10 cheesy romance, there is a DOG and the most beautiful house in the world. I have started reading Persuasion.

13/07/2022 The Power -Naomi Alderman (BOOK) (2017). I had this sitting around in my bookshelf and finally read it because I got a fucking sponsored tweet by B*ll G*tes where he recommended it. I did like it.

8/07/2022 Palm Springs(2020). Andy Samberg my beloved. Groundhog Day but maybe better.

6/07/2022 120 BPM (2017). I'm on an Adéle Haenel roll.

30/06/2022 Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019).

29/06/2022 Vestida de Azul (1983). Documentary about six trans women in post-Franco Spain. Must watch.

24/06/2022 North by Northwest (1959). Felt like it dragged a bit towards the end (i'm a 90 minute movie person). Phenomenal nonetheless.